As a prelude to Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing my love story in song I wrote a while ago. Relationships are never perfect; there are always ups and downs. That’s what makes them interesting. And when it comes to romantic love, it’s like the capricious ocean. Raging at times and calm otherwise. So here’s to love. Not just romantic love, but all kinds of love. Happy Valentine’s Day folks!



12 thoughts on “WAVES

  1. This love song is indeed full of love… its helping me to retrospect as i read it ove’ n ove’ again…. n i realise why love however-deep it might be… is never constant and tides in like the waves…. approachin n departing in sync… …..also could relate to … when your love picked your random call in first ring….love is in such small things… wonderful captures renica… thanks helping me articulate my own feelings so nicely…..


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