Bio: This blog started off as a 'note to self' during a dark phase of my life. I was only looking for a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, but as the response from my readers grew, I started writing regularly. I'm a dreamer, the kind who falls in love with places never seen and people never met. I love life and everything that fills it. The exotic is great, but the mundane can be interesting too. That’s exactly what my writing is all about. I'm obsessed with finding beauty in everything. Giggling mindlessly, getting high on music, slurping on a rapidly melting ice cream, penning lyrics to songs that have yet to find melody, creating a mess, creating beautiful things, admiring nature, connecting with family, friends and strangers… all of it makes me happy. I write straight from the heart. My dormant confidence surfaced when I started believing that ‘everyone comes from somewhere’. It's an idea that sustains me and gives me the courage to write. My work has appeared in a number of publications including The Times of India, Khaleej Times, Gulf News, Bonobology and Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneur’s Soul. My books 'The Silence Between' and 'Mukammal' are available worldwide on Amazon. But that’s just stats. What’s important is this. That I allow life to teach me lessons, that I graciously live through my experiences and that I express all of it through my writing. Because life is for tender kisses, random adventures, rambling conversations and warm hugs. Because life is simple. 🍃

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