wildflowers02It seems like another lifetime when I was standing barefoot in cool spring water, marveling at exotic, virgin wildflowers. They fascinated and inspired me. The way they grew indiscriminately, in random places. The way their beauty shone. And all of a sudden, I wanted to be like that; to grow unforeseen, in ways no one expected. It gave me a vision and I brooded on it for days. As the year comes to a close, I’m revisiting that moment and sharing it with you. Because letting yourself grow is the best New Year’s gift you can give yourself.

me - crumbs

The last post was supposed to be my final one for 2014. But I couldn’t resist another one; a little something to end the year with. It’s just that I’m so full right now. There’s pure joy, genuine appreciation and indefinable eagerness. When you’re so filled to the brim, it’s bound to spill a bit. And, why not?


Christmas was beautiful as usual. The home was speckled with sounds and smells. My overworked little oven emitted tantalizing buttery aromas that wafted out windows and into corridors. Flour was everywhere, over kitchen counters, under my nails, in my hair. Lights twinkled and magic flowed into every empty space. And then there were the neighbourhood kids. They thronged my living room every evening, essentially for carol practice. But honestly speaking they sang less, jabbered more, squabbled even more. I feigned annoyance and made threats but the truth is they were the balm to my tired soul.


I love that Christmas comes at the end of the year. The exultation that this season brings just washes away all the tears and pain and disappointments of the months gone by. It’s impossible to feel anything but triumphant and joyous. That’s the kind of sentiment you need to embark upon a brand new year.


At the end of every year, I like to separate the red, blue, green and yellow blocks, take stock and make plans. But this isn’t a perfect Lego life. And perfect it shouldn’t be. Like my little nephew, Ethan, I just want to fix the pieces together intuitively without thinking too much. Logic can take you from A to B. But intuition can take you anywhere. I read that somewhere. That’s how I want to go forward.

I shall continue to share my victories and failures with you. As I go along, gingerly testing new paths or merrily treading familiar ones, you’re welcome to join me all the way, drop out mid-way or come and go as you please. Together or alone, it doesn’t matter. What matters is this: That like those wildflowers we stay true to our identity. That we grow freely in beauty and joy. That we celebrate ourselves.

Here’s wishing you all a brilliant 2015! Believe fiercely that the best is yet to come.





March ended on a cheerful note.  It was mum’s birthday on the 31st.  Mum has always been an advocate of simple living.  She turned 68 this year, but has more energy and enthusiasm than a 40-year old (that would be me! Haha!).  She leads a very modest life.  Frugal meals, long walks, evenings with friends and tinkling laughter – these are the things that define her.

Usually we take mum out on her birthday, buy her lunch or dinner and bring her expensive gifts. This year, my brother and I agreed that a simple and meaningful birthday celebration would make her happier.  So we decided to cook for her.  It was meant to be a surprise, so we kept it all hush-hush.  My sister-in-law made delicious butter chicken, mutton and rajma (red kidney bean gravy).  I made a rice pilaf and fresh coriander chutney and my brother made a yummy cake.  The joy on her face was priceless.  And the image of her sitting cross-legged on the floor and relishing that meal will never leave my memory.

After lunch, we piled up on her bed, surrounding her with laughter and conversation. My adorable 16-month old nephew, kept us in splits with his antics.  Later, we took a leisurely walk in the park, let the grass tickle our bare feet, soaked up some warm sunshine, admired the pretty blossoms and swapped some gossip.  It was a glorious day.  Ordinary and exceptional all at once!

As I’m writing this, U2s song ‘Ordinary Love’ is playing in my head.  “The sea wants to kiss the golden shore, the sunlight warms your skin/ All the beauty that’s been lost before, wants to find us again…. We can’t fall any further, if we can’t feel ordinary love/ And we cannot reach any higher, if we can’t deal with ordinary love”.

I agree.

© Renica Rego