You come and go

In the midst of a moment
as I potter around the house
You come to me in the lyrics
of a song
As dusk descends and the walls
turn to gold
I’m reminded of all things old
Sometimes as a poem dressed
like an ode
Sometimes a movie
Sometimes a quote
You come and go
You come and go.


I had once written about how listening to music while cooking or watching a funny show while ironing clothes can turn boring chores into a pleasant activity. Instead of ‘time-table’, I called these to-do lists ‘love tables’.

One morning, last December, ‘Coming back to me’ by Jefferson Airplane was playing while I was pottering around. I find the refrain particularly haunting and it kept playing in my head. Later that evening, this poem came to me. : )

Enjoy the song with some wine and let yourself slip moodily into a charming night.

Happy Saturday!


Closeness Between

Some affinities are greater than
other affinities
How else do we explain infatuations
that never die
This love is a happening by chance,
they say
But in matters of the heart
Isn’t it all fair?

It is winter solstice and I long —
for the promised kiss
Come, let us set the sky ablaze
And show a pessimistic world
How even a million miles cannot
Eclipse the dance of a willing heart.


Written on a cold, beautiful December night when the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn left us all mesmerized. An intimacy that will not occur again until 2080! Some occurrences, whether celestial or earthly, are magical and precious only because they are rare.

In the image above, a fiery sky setting Jumeirah beach – and my heart – ablaze. Hope the sunset this evening bring you immense joy.

Happy weekend. : )


From the Mountains

I write from the mountains
where cows calmly graze
to the faint sounds of a village
waking up in the distance and
a plaintive tune of you that
I hum over and over and over
like a song stuck in my head.
Here at the edge of this elusive
wasteland I am myself —
wrapped in your fragrance
moving in and out, in and out
gasping, fading, utterly spent.


Lines about everyday life have always intrigued me. In simple acts like the grazing of cows and morning sounds of life stirring and preparing to face another day, lies truth and wisdom. What a poet chooses to archive in a poem and what the resulting image evokes in the reader, is what transforms those few lines into a profound experience.

These lines written in the lap of the splendorous Sahyadri mountains where for a while I shamelessly surrendered myself to reveries. Hope these lines inspire you to lose yourself too.

Happy daydreaming!

Love and Other Habits

I always said ‘we are made of love’
That love should come naturally to us
like breathing, eating, sleeping.

I held up that placard like hotel staff
at airports waving ‘Marhaba’
to strangers.

Now at times I notice how
my breath is held without intention
How I eat mindlessly
to feed my hungry soul
How my skin visibly flinches
when someone mentions love or
how the night disturbingly crawls
into the marrow of my bones.

~ Renica Rego aka Zara