I wake up with a thousand suns
To the beats of your lovesong
Unveiled, unabashed, I lay myself
Like an offering at your altar
Poems spill out of your eyes and lips
With reverence I kiss those scriptures
They say the ocean is very deep
But I know a love that is deeper
With sacred seeds we grew an Eden
We are the keepers of its gate
I believe this rare love is our destiny
Oh darling is there a better fate?


It’s been four days now since I’ve stepped out of the house. So here I am slipping into reveries instead and listening to bird calls.

Speaking of lovesongs, the most vocal right now outside my window is the Indian Cuckoo because March to June is apparently its breeding season. Genghis’ ears are perked up all the time – with annoyance or intrigue, I can’t really tell.

Which brings me to Coldplay…

Happy flying!


2 thoughts on “Lovesong

  1. Wow, what a beautiful feeling of oneness in the end of the poem, I would suggest you dive into your memories of Machan vacation at Lonavla, you are so connected and one with nature.Enjoy!!đź‘Ť


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