Traversing miles

I’m hungry for a taste of salty seas
Seashells held over discerning ears
The grains of sand falling through
Fingers that once touched your soul

The moon hovers awkwardly amidst
Dark, sentimental faraway clouds
Meet me somewhere in the lull, I pray
between fading dusk and radiant dawn

I read of waves traversing miles
The distant horizon their childlike goal
I scoff at love that’s absurdly dumb
The naiveté of some strange desires

And just as the smirk leaves my lips
Between laying down and falling asleep
I read of a salt flat in distant Bolivia
Where earth and sky doth meet.


Inspired by the desolate, heavenly beauty of Salar de Uyuni Bolivia, the world’s largest salt flat where earth appears to meet sky.

For such grandeur, a befitting song tonight: ‘Mad About You’ by Hooverphonic.

Feel the vibe
Feel the terror
Feel the pain….


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