Harvest Moon

I don’t know how to love you
Other than laying odes at your feet
My skin tingling at the thought of
How you turned suns into moons
Just by whispering my name.

The waves lost all direction
Got consumed by the river
I heard the Harvest Moon rise
Saw you cascade in its light
And found a way to shine.

You weaved flowers in my soul
Held a mirror and gifted me beauty
Now the raindrops dance on leaves
Sparkle like diamonds and I know
Love will always stay.


This poem is inspired by Neil Young’s iconic song, Harvest Moon. The power of classy music and undying love, both come together in this absolutely gorgeous song and I wanted my words to reflect that enduring feeling.

Read the poem to someone you love. And if things go well, you’ve got the song for a perfect Sunday night serenade.

Happy twirling!

PS: This post could have been saved for the next full moon, but if these uncertain times have taught us anything at all, it’s to avoid putting off things for tomorrow.



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