You come and go

In the midst of a moment
as I potter around the house
You come to me in the lyrics
of a song
As dusk descends and the walls
turn to gold
I’m reminded of all things old
Sometimes as a poem dressed
like an ode
Sometimes a movie
Sometimes a quote
You come and go
You come and go.


I had once written about how listening to music while cooking or watching a funny show while ironing clothes can turn boring chores into a pleasant activity. Instead of ‘time-table’, I called these to-do lists ‘love tables’.

One morning, last December, ‘Coming back to me’ by Jefferson Airplane was playing while I was pottering around. I find the refrain particularly haunting and it kept playing in my head. Later that evening, this poem came to me. : )

Enjoy the song with some wine and let yourself slip moodily into a charming night.

Happy Saturday!



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