Closeness Between

Some affinities are greater than
other affinities
How else do we explain infatuations
that never die
This love is a happening by chance,
they say
But in matters of the heart
Isn’t it all fair?

It is winter solstice and I long —
for the promised kiss
Come, let us set the sky ablaze
And show a pessimistic world
How even a million miles cannot
Eclipse the dance of a willing heart.


Written on a cold, beautiful December night when the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn left us all mesmerized. An intimacy that will not occur again until 2080! Some occurrences, whether celestial or earthly, are magical and precious only because they are rare.

In the image above, a fiery sky setting Jumeirah beach – and my heart – ablaze. Hope the sunset this evening bring you immense joy.

Happy weekend. : )



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