Things that make the heart beat faster

there are things that make
the heart beat faster
desires that rise at dawn
and take one’s breath away
dreams that keep us awake
memories left like graffiti
on skin and mind and hearts
flowers noble and white
a sweet farewell song
the slow cadence of your voice
warm on my winter bosom.


Spring in Mumbai is not so pleasant, but it’s officially a time for new beginnings and Easter always brings new hope. We might most likely go into another lockdown this coming week, but for now let’s focus on what’s bright and good. So here I am talking about all the little things that make me happy. What makes your heart sing?

Count your blessings and stay cheerful. Happy Easter, everyone. : )


4 thoughts on “Things that make the heart beat faster

  1. Wow, so beautiful, the flowers n your words are amazing , ya..spring n Mumbai, not many memories.. Happy Easter ! 💖🌹


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