A dear friend gifted me a set of six tea cups about a year ago. The beautiful array, cradled in soft white silk had taken my breath away. So much so, that I never used those cups lest I stain or break them. It’s a different kind of procrastination, one that I’m done with now. December with its brazen mix of fairy lights, bustling kitchens, incessant merriment and warm hugs encourages indulgence. So amidst all the blatant festivity, I found a quiet afternoon to sunbathe on my couch and pour myself some ginger infused tea. Life felt as exquisite as the dainty cup I held in my hands. It was the perfect moment to transition from one year into the next.

2016 was like an errant child. Most days I quailed and stumbled. I also broke my rule of learning one new thing, but somewhere along the way it struck me that learning is arbitrary. When I was invited to judge an inter-school elocution competition at the beginning of December, and was expected to speak to the participants and the audience at large, my stage-shy self ended up crossing an impediment that had held me captive for years. That opportunity gave me a fresh perspective. It also sent me into a kind of flashback to cold days when as a child, I used to cycle on the playground of that very school. When riding with wind in my hair did nothing to liberate me from the chains that bound my soul. When the starry expanse of sky only reminded me of how confined my world was. It felt like scenes from a movie that I’d watched long ago. Walking those tree-lined streets made me think of all the people I’d known and never saw again. But most importantly, it made me realize of how I’d found myself. Of how free I felt now. You fight and you fight and someday the shackles break loose. The sweetest liberation comes from the hardest struggle.


This is a time of new resolutions, but I’m not making any. After the endless overwhelm I’ve whipped up for myself the past few years, it’s time to take life with an ease that can only come with awareness and repletion. The first time I made bread, I asked my mother how to determine the consistency of the dough. All she said was, “You will know.” That’s how I feel about life now. There is a sizeable project brewing in my head, but there is no stress. I have ideas but there is no unrelenting hurry. Beau Taplin puts it succinctly, “Don’t stress so much about settling on a path for 2017. The division of time into years is a human invention, and fact is every moment of every day is another opportunity for resolution and growth. So when the fireworks fly, relax and enjoy the moment. The rest will come to you.”  That’s the recipe I’m settling with.

One little pointer in the bread making process is this. The pliability of the dough is directly proportionate to the passion you put into kneading it. You know, the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died. “Did he have passion?” That, to me, is the only resolution worth making.

Here’s wishing all of you a genuine and passionate life. Cheers to the days ahead!










20 thoughts on “NO RESOLUTION YEAR

  1. You write really well, Renica, each word carefully chosen in trends of its weight and placed at exactly where it should be, I wish to acquire/ learn this skill to help me present my emotions better,
    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Its so refreshing to read your work, Aunty! Truly and so easily relatable. A Beautiful & meaningful write up. And wishing you a Happy & a Resolution-less New Year! May we witness more magic that kindles from your thoughts into your blog. Great work & God Bless.


  3. Reni… Very beautifully written. Your blogs are always heartfelt n touch the readers hearts directly. Keep writing it helps to keep a positive outlook about life.


  4. Renu… your passion for writing is noticeable in your blogs… they not only lift my spirits but kindle a different kind of admiration for you. You put it so smoothly across …. just like kneading the dough for your bread… 😘. Keep the good work on.


  5. Waah Waah kinder issse aachi shuruwath hoi nai sakhthi thi by reading ur beautiful article of this year, absolutely fantastico 👌as usual. Nd the holy word told by ur mother regarding that dough “u will know “.All the best for ur upcoming articles of this year god bless u.


  6. Your talent to pick a message from simple everyday acts, which we would otherwise oversee and the articulation of thoughts thereafter is truly commendable.

    Wonderfully written Ren……..yet again.


  7. Beautiful presentation with expressions, that only you can share.
    Beautiful pictures.

    I should take a cue from the words “every moment of every day is another opportunity for resolution and growth. So when the fireworks fly, relax and enjoy the moment. The rest will come to you.”. Life in a nut-shell, cracked open !!!

    Nice to see a post after a long time. Keep it up. Keep Writing & Keep Inspiring Life.
    Happy New Year!


  8. Hi Ren, it’s amazing how u can turn an ordinary act of drinking a ginger tea, into an exquisite experience. I love the way u bring these experiences in ur writing.


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