ImageThe dust of summer has been washed away. This morning the freshly rinsed leaves are glinting proudly in the sunlight. Over the past week, the rain gods had been sending little teasers; a modest sprinkling, so to speak, of pristine hope. Last evening the skies finally opened up freely and thunder rattled the window panes. All the neighbourhood kids went berserk, shrieking and frolicking in the rain. The adults, too shy to join in, watched from the windows.

In Mumbai, the monsoon divides people into two categories – the ones who hate rains, and the ones who love it. I am the latter kind. And to me, this is precious time. When the world around is drenched and there is nowhere to go, it’s time to dredge up all the dis-remembered things. This is when we need to find art in ordinariness. When we need to fall in love with warm baths, cardamom flavored tea, yellowed pages of long-forgotten books, classic movies and hot soups. This is when it’s time to practice awareness.

Awareness is a wonderful thing. It pulls you out of all the sleepwalking through life and centers you on the beauty of it. Who wouldn’t want that? Haven’t we all experienced that feeling of not having enough time all too often? Of wanting to do things, but getting so wrapped up in busyness that we don’t know how to untangle ourselves? We fixate upon finding joy, we run around in circles, until realization dawns that it’s right here, right now, in every little thing.

We might not be great at making time, but we can learn. Even though there is always plenty of it, we still fall short. So I’m learning how to pull out those precious strands and weave a rich tapestry into my day. I want to make time for all the nothingness… loitering in the park, gazing out the window at nobody in particular, putting things in order until it’s time for chaos again, meeting up with friends just like that.

Last week, I made an impromptu lunch date with a friend. There was no agenda. We walked around, yakked and window-shopped. Then we lingered over food. I savored every bit of chick-pea, beansprout, lettuce and roasted chicken in my salad. We slurped, me over gelato, she over frozen yogurt. And later, we hung around sipping ice-cold frappuccino while our minds de-cluttered and our hearts bonded.


Yesterday, while it poured outside, me and my girls made mango cheesecake. We got messy with the cookie crumbs and butter, spilled batter and licked it with our fingers and had a wonderful time.

That’s what I hanker after; the little nuggets of joy. When I think about the kind of life I want to create, I am clear about my vision. It might seem fanciful to some, boring to others and hopelessly idle to the rest. But that’s what gets me excited. A few fresh flowers, a slice of cheesecake, the people I love, time to feed my creativity and a lot of ordinary days. Yes, that’ll do.


© Renica Rego


5 thoughts on “WHEN IT RAINS

  1. “In Mumbai, the monsoon divides people into two categories – the ones who hate rains, and the ones who love it. ”
    “When we need to fall in love with warm baths, cardamom flavored tea, yellowed pages of long-forgotten books, classic movies and hot soups.”…
    ……Well, glanced through your fantastic blog as always…..

    ….. to each his own…. could agree with aspects that suited my persona….

    HAPPINESS, AWARENESS, is all so subjective, so intrinsic… the rainy ambience just mars or adds to your emotions at that moment…..
    I for one love the rains but hate the filth of mumbai…. falling in love over again with ones partner…. sipping on the umpteenth floor in a recliner in the shaded terrace overlooking a massive barren land and a river, with one of those mystery books n a hand holding the cuppa of cardamom tea or whatever is i guess everybody’s dream…. but as I said all depends on what mental state you undergo that moment in time, decides your rains as “Happy” or otherwise”….

    …may wisdom n happiness prevail on all of us…. Amen
    Rains are here… enjoyyyy!!!


  2. I enjoy rains as long as I stay indoors….i just like the view from my window ..it’s breathtaking ..muddy rivulets flowing down the hill…thick clouds hanging over the hilltop…my friend Gaurav did ask me “didn’t you get to know about the rains on twitter” as you said I am not gr8 at making time and he knows that about me…..but not this time… I was already soaking


    • You are right, Nalini. Rains in Mumbai aren’t so much fun for people outdoors. We are the lucky ones. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Look forward to a new post from you soon.


  3. Great Writing. The Secret to Writing is here!
    Excellent and Congrats to the story and writer.
    Keep Writing.

    The Secret:
    Its not the life you lived during those times described, in the story above.
    But bringing them here, taking us through, as if we were there, every moments of it, living them along with, that’s ‘Writing’.
    You have that excellence and style.

    Wonderful for a Beautiful Present.


  4. Well written renu as usual, never had any doubt on ur talent of writing from the first article that I Read. U have described so beautifully the rainy season that even the ppl who hates rain will start loving it Espescially for the mango cheesecake 😉😉😂😂👌god bless u nd keep writing

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