“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit” – Khalil Gibran


A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the golden wedding anniversary of Doug and Daisy, our friend’s parents. It was a beautiful celebration. A lot of effort and deliberation had gone into every detail. The fresh flowers, the confetti packed in pretty golden boxes, the cake slices wrapped in gold paper, the thoughtful selection of music; mostly old country and folk. It was very charming, very vintage. And for a perfect backdrop there was a sea of beaming people.

We all cheered and hooted as the grandkids led the bride and groom in, both looking resplendent. After their graceful parade to the classic composition of the wedding march, their eldest daughter and son shared a few wistful memories with us. During his speech, their son, Darryl, recounted an interesting chat with his father. Just the previous day, Darryl had asked him, “Dad, can you share with me the secret of your happy married life?” Doug had leaned back in his chair with an impish look and said, “I beg your pardon?”

If we can figure that one out, we’d be on our way to a peaceful and happy life.  What Doug was trying to say is, we can choose to hear what we want and let go of the rest. It’s an important lesson for an egotistical and over-sensitive society like the one we’ve regressed into. In those four simple words, Doug taught us how to love, let go and simplify our lives all at once.

Doug and Daisy symbolized how love, passion and enthusiasm can be sustained well into the twilight years of one’s life. They danced like adolescents, inspired us to dance with them, laughed merrily and chatted animatedly with everyone.


And my heart just swelled up when Doug took the microphone and crooned to his wife, the timeless classic, ‘Daisy Bell’.

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do

I’m half-crazy all for the love of you

It won’t be a stylish marriage

I can’t afford a carriage

But you’ll look sweet

Upon the seat

Of a bicycle made for two

Daisy glowed with delight. She did not need words. You could see the quiet, simple love in her eyes. No ostentation required.

As the evening drew to a close, we slumped in our chairs with aching feet but our minds were invigorated and our hearts were filled with hope. We reluctantly said our goodbyes to Doug and Daisy not knowing if we’ll ever meet again. But we were taking a piece of their love with us as a reminder. Even when we stepped out into the oppressive heat of the humid night, we were still buoyant and cheerful.

I might be good at picking up lessons from seemingly simple episodes, but equally adept at forgetting them when I most need to remember. One thing though, that I don’t forget in a hurry is that no matter how well composed your life is, you can’t leave out love.

© Renica Rego


18 thoughts on “LIFE WITHOUT LOVE

  1. Oh my god.. renica…. u got our pulse … and so perfect… u live the episodes for us with your most precise words and emotions…. point well taken… u hv got the power to engage us, involve us, make us curious through your words in B/W despite of todays world of visual mediums and technology. I yearn to read more from you next…. your last lines sync in tandem with my case…. Keep writing… keep spreading love n harmony…. u r so blessed !!!!


  2. Excellent exposition of the party with vivid details that I felt as if I was also there. And top it all the learning from the whole event. Extremely well written . You should write a love story with yr classic style. Keep writing on love and romance .


  3. Romantics, dreamers, old fashioned; they are all the above and more. I know that they are both young at heart no matter how old they grow.

    When it comes to love, there never is fancy stuff.
    It’s the little that over time adds up.
    The little over the years that they have done for each other and as parent figures.

    They come from a time where you actually met someone in person. Before calling, texting, emailing or Facebooking. A time where, if something broke you fixed it.

    I think what makes a relationship last the sands of time is mystery.
    It’s not how mysterious a person is, but how much the other is willing to find out about the person they love.
    The clues, the signs and memories that each one of us leave behind at every moment of our lives, are treasure for that one person to find. It’s this phenomenon that leads a couple to chemistry.

    Uncle Doug and Daisy Aunta are my grand Uncle and Aunt and also my grand godparents(mums godparents).
    If it wasn’t for the little that uncle Doug and Daisy Aunta did for my parents when they eloped, I might not be here today!


    PS – amazing article!


    • Hey Arnold, thank you for sharing all this with me. And yes, I agree that when it comes to love it’s always the little things that add up. Do check in on my blog now and then. I try to put up a post every week. Cheers!


  4. Beautiful thought..Renica😃
    Well articulated..point taken.. “I beg your pardon”. Keep spreading the ‘love’ always with your writing..


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